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c u l8r u big 2nd r8r. [entries|friends|calendar]
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[05 Feb 05] [16:39]
holy crap. my left index finger turned purple when i played bass today. i think i have a bruise. it hurts when i type.

can someone buy everything on delias and fredflare for me please?

wtf so much friggin homework. i finished my maths stuff, but i have to write a story and do some tourism stuff now.

506250 m² = 125 ha
is that right? i went to metrication.com and converted it there but it had this freaky mp3 playing in the background so i dont trust it.

K THIS ENTRY IS BORING. someone recommend me some new music.
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[04 Feb 05] [23:55]
my dad keeps getting kicked out of his vietcong online games because our 'ping' is too high and it slows everyone else down. so, to have less chance of being kicked out, he changes his display name. yesterday it was 'paris hilton'. today its 'lady penelope'.

ps: i havent got those boots yet. but they will be mine!
and 'finding neverland' was awesome. jessica kept crying :\
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[04 Feb 05] [15:52]
tonight - buying boots, sending out money. 'finding neverland' at 7pm
7th - going to pool
18th - sky's 15th. alabaster box concert.

CHYEAH. i have nothing to do this month. or maybe i do? i'll edit this post (or just keep posting the same thing, over and over again)

its funny how i keep updating even though i have nothing to say.

[02 Feb 05] [19:15]
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yaaaay we have adsl now and everything is all fast and stuff.
but wtf, we have a download limit of 20GB. i can finish that in two days. oh noes.

well... nothing much has been happening at school. i'm taking off all my scene pins off my bag because one STABBED ME IN THE LEG today. yes. in the leg. stabbing. me. leg. pin.
now theres a gash on my thigh and it looks like a cat attacked me.

SCIENCE.Collapse )
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livejournal entry [30 Jan 05] [10:20]
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theres too many year 8s at the school, wtf. and they're all tiny and i get scared that i'm going to step on them accidentally on the way to assembly. or maybe i'm just too tall.
anyway, like, 30 of them sit at the old stoner table - i don't even know how they manage, because the table is pretty small. they probably can't breathe that well, but yah - they don't even know it was the stoner table, those poor souls. rhian and i walked past them and did the whole stupid 'COUGHstonerzCOUGH' thing and they just stared at us. they do a lot of staring. all the time. just staring.

its weird, because everyones little brother or sister is at the school now. jaydes sister corallee hasnt got anyone to talk to so she always comes up to us and just stands there pretending to be in the conversation. no thx. any relative of jayde's obviously has sars/meningitis/cooties and should be confined to a small space.

taking photos of yourself in a mirror is so cliched.Collapse )

holy crap i never talk to anyone anymore. leave me your sn, or IM me at wuttehfuxx0rz or on to moonlight.
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